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The tube bundle heat exchanger

In a tube bundle heat exchanger, two media separated by the pipe wall are moved alongside each other. The heat of the two media will be exchanged if a temperature difference exists between them.

A tube bundle normally consists of 3 components: the front head, the shell and the tube bundle. One medium flows through the tubes, while the second medium flows through the shell room. Depending on the design, so-called baffle plates are used in the shell. The medium that flows through the shell is guided by the baffle plates in such a way that it flows as transvere as possible to the bundle tubes. This increases the quality of the heat transfer. The better the heat transfer the more compact are the apparatuses.

The tube side as well as the shell side can be designed either single or multiple pass in tube bundle heat exchangers. The speed and the pressure loss of the flowing media are decisive for the above. The number of passes has an effect on the length of the apparatuses.The tube bundle heat exchanger can be used as cooler or as heater for liquid gaseous media.

The following types of heat exchanger belong to our product range:

  • Tube bundle heat exchanger with removable u-tube bundle
  • Straight tube heat exchanger
  • Inline (straight tube) heat exchanger
  • Steam generator / Steam converter
  • Electrical heater
  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Plug in bundle for the installation in containers
  • Replacement bundle also for products of other manufacturers


Type designation of the standard designs:
Typ Passes on tube side Passes on shell side Heating surface Design Bundle removable Condensation Undercooling
11- 1 1 straight tube lying - - -
11K- 1 1 straight tube lying - yes -
11S- 1 1 straight tube standing - - -
11SK- 1 1 straight tube standing - yes yes
21G- 2 1 straight tube lying - - -
21GK- 2 1 straight tube lying - yes -
21GS- 2 1 straight tube standing - - -
21U- 2 1 U-tube lying yes - -
21UK- 2 1 U-tube lying yes yes -
21US- 2 1 U-tube standing yes - -
21UKS- 2 1 U-tube standing yes yes yes
22G- 2 2 straight tube lying - - -
22GS- 2 2 straight tube standing - - -
22U- 2 2 U-tube lying yes - -
22UK- 2 2 U-tube lying yes yes -
22US- 2 2 U-tube standing yes - -

We will gladly inform you about the individual designs in a personal consultation and determine the optimum design for your application.

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